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Our clients turn to us for bespoke performance management consultants systems and solutions covering business modeling, strategy and innovation that will create effciency across functions and departments mitigating the current volatility and positioning for industry leadership in Dubai, UAE.

Game changers simply stay ahead. But it’s not enough to work on a set of parameters cast in stone. Transformation requires delivering measurable results, operating with authority and remaining focused to continuously create and sustain value.

Disruption is shaping and packaging threats in a whole new dimension where the market place once is known is now unfamiliar territory while at the same time, providing new consultant companies opportunities to execute and propel  business consultant  operations with a DNA that has lasting impact -a concept we provide through bespoke solutions vital to existence, Intrigued…We call it AIR.

IMRAN KHAN. Managing Partner

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In a time of immense change, we develop products and services
that combine digital and physical elements to create new
sources of value for companies and their customers.


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What We do Best

End-to-End solutions for companies. We drive focus, innovation and profitability
and increase your Customer Base.

Automotive manufacturers are under increasing demands from customer driven changes. The reality of autonomous vehicles, networked vehicles and their environments coupled with individual preference needs, as well as the entry of new players in the market place are creating a dynamic situation where the whole industry needs to embrace new opportunities if they are to survive over the next decade.

Our clients turn to us for bespoke performance management systems and solutions covering business modeling, strategy and innovation that will create efficiency across functions and departments mitigating the current volatility and positioning for industry leadership.


Network Planning & Development
Solutions are provided to realign towards market trends in domestic and cross-border markets through organic routes and M&As. The balance in composition of retail, aftersales and backend operations remains critical to improve the bottom line whereas reconfiguration of the sales channel to execute digitization and omni-channel experience to remain agile in the market arena.


OEM & Franchise
Solutions are provided along the distribution channels where we help manufacturers identify potential partners as well as distributors access new product lines to expand business operations. Lifecycle dealership management, identifying product opportunities as well as support strategies covering aftermarket. Financial Performance solutions to identify and create growth strategies, performance improvement and investment opportunity analysis to generate free cash as well as ensuring goals set are consistently met in an effective and efficient manner.


Distributor & Dealership
Solutions to enhance performance from leverage supply chain optimization for vehicle and parts distribution, service level performance improvements that generate profitable operations and alignment with OEM managing practices. Providing cutting edge solutions for today’s ever informed and demanding customer including car ownership versus sharing options.


Component & Service
Solutions are provided to independent operators enabling growth, competiveness, and strategic configuration optimizing operations, product planning, diversification and performance.

e-Commerce is a major driver for transportation and logistics providers who operate in a highly competitive cost driven arena. The need remains critical whether for a single home customer or components being delivered to large manufacturing operations spanning everything from automotive to aircraft.

Impact on society remains an approach to provide lasting solutions that challenge the need for differentiation to drive visibility across the supply chain. Opportunity for benefiting solutions including network capacity, dynamic route and yard management supported via cutting edge telematics and analytics are some of the solutions we address to redefine success in the industry.


Area of Focus
Capabilities allow us to position an approach targeted towards specific services and on the other spectrum look at entire markets to redefine sustainable growth models.


End-to-End solutions for trucking companies to consolidate a strategy to enhance cash flow and allocate resources to drive focus, innovation and profitability while serving an ever-growing customer base.


Mobile Digitalization improves customer experience and loyalty providing real-time tracking, efficiency in the delivery process while controlling costs and leveraging virtual fleet capabilities. Whether you’re looking to on-board more customers, gain strategic space in your market or exploit technology, we provide solutions.

Game changers simply stay ahead. But it’s not enough to work on a set of parameters cast in stone. Transformation requires delivering measurable results, operating with authority and remaining focused to continuously create and sustain value.

We help clients to transform their businesses with an alternate mindset driving value from resources creating an environment of cross functional revenue, growth and diversification unleashing agility.


Center of Excellence solutions are provided to create efficiency via automation and reduce cost impact where internal functions are bundled and effectively defined as shared services.

We offer individual solutions from building the concept to rolling-out.


Geographical or Galactic solutions to teleport your business. Not just structured but, into a diversified operation where we provide indepth studies to unlock potential and create a new paradigm of competitiveness.


People are an organization’s greatest asset. To an extent, this phrase has somewhat become a cliché. For an organization to thrive in a dynamic and ever changing world we harness the power of talent to drive towards a management operation that is not just customer-centric but people-centric to drive implementation of change and agility. We take into account the specific position and situation on an individual basis and provide customized solutions for companies.

We see strategy and innovation as two inherent, inter-connected components of a roadmap. But not just any roadmap – one that begins with today’s vision to shape the direction of a company’s future. Not just shaping the future but setting the pace to execute differently and outperform competition – visionaries, being the first to act in your industry.

Be it a service or an entire business model, the power to innovate by a company sets it apart to shake an industry, create and maintain authority and leadership. We provide cutting edge frameworks to harness the power of these two intrinsic characteristics deploying across people and resources propelling business operations safeguarding existence.

Technology is disrupting the sales process is an understatement. Customers have interactions with brands even before coming into contact with a seller’s representative. The landscape demands and information the customer possess are immense and ever changing existing only in short-term lifecycles. Customers are trying products in virtual settings and influence their own and other buyers’ decisions in an instant.

Further, product and service comparisons, the globalization of business relationships and decreasing brand loyalty place more demands on a company’s sales and marketing functions. Marketing needs to be adaptive, insightful and targeted able to respond on a real time basis. With decisions being made in moments across dynamic digital tools and platforms that are continuously shifting, operating a team with traditional mix of skills will create an extinct marketing plan.

Amidst these challenges and changes lie opportunities for success – we provide alignment as the core basis for sales teams and help marketing teams embrace complexity to perform and deliver solutions to the exact and varied needs of customers. Teams that are an optimized evolving ecosystem.

Data is undeniably a valued asset and harnesses the power to unleash a company into a new dimension of service and product innovation meeting and closing customer expectations.

The challenge remains to craft a solution that allows transformation and remain human in key areas to enhance experience. Ultimately we help organization redesign becoming more faster and relevant across all touch points including suppliers and customers.

Quality, cost and time remain primary focal parameters to create competitive advantages. With focus on relevance and optimizing cost, the future of production has to belong to the smart factory where the purpose of further networking systems, machines and people together develops new methods to create future smart production including robots co-working with humans to deliver reliability and consistency in high quality.

Challenging the status quo, creating space for creativity and promoting an open culture of trust and collaboration forms the basis of providing businesses with a platform to align strategy with operative and procurement resulting in specified actions with identifiable results and value.

Leveraging cross-functionality transforms organizations that become not just competitive but profitable. We employ design to cause constant transformation so that companies remain agile and a step ahead evolving with innovative solutions and stakeholder value.

Business Transformation, Change Management, Cost Reduction, Revenue Growth, Development of the Organization are some of the spheres we can deliver.

Our playbook is aligned with a strong focus on UAE and GCC to develop our offerings as the region’s preferred firm and support internationalization through MENA and EMEA segmenting our market across the following geographical footprints:

Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm al-Quwain

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman

Algeria, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Egypt, Ethiopia, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Niger, Sudan, Tunisia, Turkey.

Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Kenya, Mozambique, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tanzania, Uganda.

The Modus Operandi

Solutions to enhance performance from leverage supply chain optimization, distribution, service level performance improvements to generate proftable operations and alignment with OEM managing practices. Providing cutting edge solutions for today’s ever growing, informed and demanding customers.

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AIR Our Unique DNA

Transforming the Business Consultant of our clients with an alternate mindset while driving value to create an envoirnment of cross functional revenue, growth and diversification while unleasing innovation  and agility with lasting impact…

This is our unique DNA… a system that has lasting impact – we call it AIR

ACT: Our culture founded on doing, on action, on field work, on tangibles and this is what motivates us on a daily basis. We make the difference to daily operations and mitigate current volatility.

INNOVATE: We shake industries and position for leadership…continuing to uphold our challenger’s spirit, continue to dare, invent and remain agile. A different way to consider consultancy.

RISE: Expressing our common determination to project into the future, we transform our clients businesses with an alternate mindset creating disruption and ultimately our next world.

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